Adventures with


the pulse of nature


Just outside the gate of Fjellsyn Camping, you can pick and choose between beautiful nature experiences. Some kilometers north west you will find Dovrefjell and towards south east you will find Rondane, with possibilities for hiking, biking, summit trips and ski trips. In addition, there are several providers of horseback riding, musk- and moose safari and dog sledding.

200 meters from Fjellsyn Camping starts Norway’s longest cluster farm valley, Einunndalen, with its beautiful scenery and rich cultural history. From the center of Folldal, eleven kilometers away, you can drive to the cluster farm valley Dørålen which is located at the entrance of the Rondane massif, or choose Grimsdalen and drive to Dovre, Dombås and back to Dalholen over Dovre mountain.


Eleven kilometers from Fjellsyn Camping lies Folldal city Centre, with its unique history as a mining village. Here you can find a museum and an experience center. In Folldal you will also find Folldal Rural museum, a part of Musea in the North Østerdalen Valley. In Grimsdalen you can experience the cluster farms at close range, with modern dairy farming, grazing animals and the processing of products. From Hjerkinn you can experience the popular Viewpoint Snøhetta, as well as the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre.

Hunting and fishing

The area around Fjellsyn Camping is ideal for those who appreciate hunting and fishing experiences. Here you can find both big- and small game, and in the immediate vicinity are test and training terrain for gundogs. In the Folla river that runs approximately 800 meters from Fjellsyn Camping, as well as in the many small mountain lakes around, you can fish grayling, trout and char.


If you wish to hold an event, Fjellsyn Camping can assist. Previously, we have had both veteran car events and annual dog exhibitions with great success. Feel free to contact us for more information.