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Camping and Caravan

If you are bringing your caravan for the weekend, if you are passing through on your motor bike, or if you want to spend the night in a tent or you want to sleep in one of our beds, we have all the facilities that you need.


We have cabins in different sizes and price ranges, suitable for one person, couples, families and friends.


We facilitate for our visitors to have an enjoyable stay with all facilities available for both short and long stays.

Fjellsyn Camping Folldalsveien 1711 2584 Dalholen

e-post: tel.: 624 93 082/950 29 170

Foto: Marit Bjercke, Bjørn Brendbakken, Gert Buter,  Lubbert Boersma, Anders Lundberg og Marte Dundrud Design: Iguan Design